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If you’re looking for a flexible, dynamic career that lets you develop practical skills in a real-world environment, the Hair Design Program at the HDC is for you. This diploma program consists of 1500 hours of instruction over approximately ten months where students will experience a real salon environment, supported by modern classroom learning. You’ll be exposed to a variety of foundational and advanced hair designs that will help you attract, establish and retain a clientele and promote financial success after graduation.

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Why Apply to Hair School?

Flexible schedules, high levels of workplace happiness, and the ability to develop your skills and grow your career—these are just a few reasons people choose to pursue a career in hair design. Hair design is an exciting industry, where every day offers new challenges and triumphs. Every service you provide has the potential to build confidence, and through learning the fundamentals and gaining experience at the HDC’s hair school, you’ll be able to ensure every client you serve is satisfied.

Why The HDC?

The HDC’s renowned Hair Program will provide you with all the technical, business-building, and professional skills you need to start your career as a hairdresser. Everything we do in the classroom—and in the HDC’s on-site salon—is focused on preparing you for real-life, on-the-job situations. Our goal is to send our graduates out into the world with the skills they need to work in top salons, and year after year, we accomplish this goal—90% of our hair program students secure work in the industry immediately after graduation.

Reasons You’ll Love The HDC’s Hair Design Program

  • Our Hair School has a 90% employment rate—we help our students secure employment immediately after graduation by providing industry connections and teaching relationship building skills
  • Your tuition includes a student license from the Cosmetology Association of Nova Scotia, as well as the fee to write the exam
  • You’ll get practical, hands-on experience working with real clients in the HDC’s on-site salon
  • Your tuition includes a high-quality student tool kit consisting of shears, a blowdryer, clippers, flat iron, curling iron, and more
  • You’ll make connections with industry leaders all over the country, including those from our parent company, The Salon Resource Group—Atlantic Canada’s top salon group

Online Learning With Pivot Point FUSE

Your education is delivered through an innovative online learning environment, Pivot Point FUSE, designed specifically for the beauty industry—the only one of its kind! The Pivot Point FUSE is a ground-breaking integrated social learning environment, built specifically for you and the beauty industry. An incubator for talented future and current beauty professionals, the FUSE combines best-in-class educational content, creativity, and a collaborative environment to enhance personal learning experiences. You have never seen anything like the FUSE before. It’s the ultimate learning environment within the beauty industry. It’s easy to use and contains all the features necessary to capture your attention, inspire creativity, and allow you to share your experiences with your peers. Pivot Point educational content is at the core of your FUSE. The lessons are brought to life through a synergy of communication, collaboration and engaging activities. Plus, there’s a bit of competitiveness, too!

  • Show the World Who You Are—Personalize your profile to let others know who you are, what inspires you, and show off all your work.
  • Become Part of a Community—You’ll have access to your classmates, and so much more; you’ll be in touch with everyone who is connected to your organization. Network, share and inspire!
  • Not Connected? No Problem—Study anytime, anywhere, our downloadable eBooks and study guide don’t need an Internet connection for you to access (once downloaded).
  • Organized Learning, Bit by Bit—Lessons have been carefully segmented into smaller sections to provide you with the most pertinent information necessary, when you need it. Whether you’re in the classroom, or somewhere else brushing up on your skills, you can access videos, eBooks, study tools, interactive activities, collaborative peer-driven exercises, and fun, engaging assignments.
  • Compete—Like to show off? Well, you can in FUSE! You will get points for almost every action you take. Login, get a point, finish a lesson, get lots of points; the top five in your community are showcased on the leaderboard on the home page for all to see.
  • Ready, Set, Test—Okay, so now you’ve completed all your lessons, gained tons of practice on the clinic floor and are almost ready for that licensure test, we’ve got you covered with Exam Ace in FUSE. Exam Ace provides you with lots of tests to get you ready to take your exam. Take ‘em as many times as you want, no need to download apps or go elsewhere!
  • iPad—Did we mention that you’ll receive your own iPad with your tuition?


At the HDC, I was able to learn the basics about hair design and build my confidence which led to a solid foundation for my career as a hairstylist.

–Marieke Brouwer